We showed off Joe Danger iOS for the first time yesterday, and it got lots of lovely press from nice people. Links to our favourites are below.

The summary though is…
“I have no doubt that this game is going to be a huge hit.”
“the next big thing to hit the AppStore”

HookShot Inc (interview)
PocketGamer (hands-on)
TouchArcade (preview)
TouchGen (hands-on)

Oh and Touchgen did a sneaky little video too!

by Sean

Joe Danger Touch!

We’re making a game for iPhone and iPad! It’s called Joe Danger Touch… and I really hope you like it.

The whole thing has been built from the ground up for touching screens with your lovely little fingers. You can swipe Joe to pop a wheelie, or flick barriers out of the way, tap to jump and hold to crouch. Waggle to fight sharks!

It’s a been a super secret spare time project for us here. Mainly it’s been me, playing about with my iPhone, together with this lovely man, Stevie Burgess. He used to work at Frontier and created LostWinds. We’re best buds and we’ve finally gotten to make something together.



Here are some Joe Danger Touch FACTS:

  • It’s like a real console game, but on your iPhone
  • It doesn’t use one of those silly virtual joystick things
  • It’s a a totally new game, with new levels, mechanics and everything


by Sean

Call to Arms!

Hello Games is looking for a bright new bee, to be almost entirely splendid and join us in the quest for full awesomeness. Here’s the “job description” – make fun games, drink tea, win awards and talk nonsense.

We’re looking for anyone who likes games, and kicks ass. Specifically we’re really interested in anybody willing to walk on hot coals and climb vast mountains (at the same time), just for the chance to make the games they love. Basically you’re us, but probably younger, better looking, not as grumpy and you consume less tea.

Your duties would be mainly centered around testing the game to ensure optimal levels of funkiness are maintained on a daily basis, with the possibility of jumping into development to reinforce us in any area you’re comfortable with.

You’ll be testing our latest games day-to-day, but you’ll also be exposed to things that will astound you… think of it as a gateway drug for the games industry.

Hello Games Window

Desired Experience

We’re looking for someone new who loves gaming, is hard working, ambitious and enjoys learning. Here are some other things we’d love you to have:

  • Testing experience is a definite plus, or at least be prepared to QA ‘til your face bleeds.
  • Be prepared to wear many hats, we’re an open and varied team.
  • Have a skill in an additional area whether that be art, design, audio or programming…
  • Proven dedication to gaming… maybe you’ve got a related degree or write a gaming blog or  just some other gaming related tomfoolery!

Right now we’re still a tiny team, imagine what we’ll do with your help! Drop us an email explaining why you’d be an amazing addition to our team, along with a CV and a portfolio of any work you may have to Jobs@hellogames.co.uk to apply. Drop what you’re doing and come join us!

by Sean

Competition Results!

You may remember we announced a level competition a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps you forgot? We haven’t!

It’s taken a very long time to go through all the entries. We literally had a lot of entries, but there can be only one winner. Except in this case, where we picked three!

First Prize goes to borito_crocodile, for their level “Hard Target”

Second Prize goes to BRENDON-75, for their level “Maximum Risk”

And finally Third Prize goes to Szerman, for their level “Double Impact”

We have gotten in touch with the winners, and cool stuff will be winging their way to them SOON.

All the runners up have also gone up on our Showcase. They are all GOLD!


In case you were wondering, most people forgot to name their levels. No problem! We named all the levels ourselves instead. The winning levels are named after Van Damme films, and the runner’s up are named after Steven Seagal films. Draw whatever conclusions you would like from that.

by Sean

Moving Office

Hello Games have left their first offices behind. This is a scary thing. We feel naked.

We had to move though, our office was tiny and oxygen was running out.

Our room was four walls, and no windows. It was hot, and bland, but we’ll miss it. I’ve spent some of the best days of my life here and things will never be the same again. It was the belly of the whale and the walls tasted of success and sweat.

Hide and Seek never worked well at our old office...

Hide and Seek never worked well at our old office...

After the room was empty, we all just stood and looked around, remembering the day we moved in. Then Dave tried to hold my hand, which was awkward, so we left.

It turns out this is what goes into making a game:
13 monitors
7 retro consoles
6 computers
5 TVs
4 men
3 dev-kits
2 laptops
1 Microwave

Our new ebay listing...

Our new ebay listing...

Grant is drawing pictures of what our new office should look like. It has wings.

by Sean