Since E3 last year, we’ve been a little quiet on showing No Man’s Sky. There’s a good reason for that – behind the scenes the team has been very hard at work at making the game as good as it can be as we come towards the end of development. Needless to say there’s been a lot of late nights at the Hello Games office!

Though June is not too far away, we felt it was super important to show everyone a little more on what’s to come before release.

Media from across Europe and North America were recently given the biggest look of the game to date, taking them through a whole solar system’s worth of planets crammed full of exciting discoveries – some familiar, some less so – that explores what it’ll be like to play from day one.


We won’t spoil the surprises in store here, so we recommend you visit your favourite website or blog to hear more :)

As well as announcing a release date – June 21 in North America, June 22nd in the Europe, and June 24th in the UK – we’ve also been thinking of cool ways fans can get their hands on the game.

Ever since we announced No Man’s Sky, we’ve been eager to hear what everyone would like to see from the game, and there’s been many, many requests on the various ways you want to play and purchase.

From today, PS4 owners can pre-order No Man’s Sky both digitally through PSN and at retail as part of a standard edition and a bumper Limited Edition, which comes with all kinds of neat extras – such as a Dynamic Theme, a gorgeous art book with concepts from the game, and a comic co-created by Dave Gibbons, James Swallow and Angus McKie.


As well as pre-purchase pages on Steam, and Humble stores, we wanted to do something special for PC fans too.

We’ve been working closely with our friends at iam8bit to create the very first official merchandise for the game, from cool prints to T-shirts and a neat Atlas pin, and a PC-only Explorer’s Edition, with a hand-painted, cast metal ship replica, some exclusive goodies and a digital copy of the game on Steam or GOG. We hope you’re just as excited as we are to get one of these!


June is just over the horizon, and we’ve got some work to go before the game is ready. We’ll be a little quiet again until then (but not completely silent – there’s still some more to showcase soon!) as we get closer to release.

As always, you can check out what the team is up to on Twitter and Facebook, as well as this here blog. Thanks as always for your support – we couldn’t have made it this far without you, and we can’t wait for everyone to be let loose on the game!

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Holiday sale!


Good news, iOS and Android owners – we offer the festive gift of discounted games!

Joe Danger and Joe Danger Infinity are on sale for just 99c each until December 30th on iOS, Google Play, Amazon and OUYA in a bunch of regions, so if you fancy some stuntbike action, head on down to your favourite digital store for discounts!

Get Joe Danger for Android >>
Joe Danger Touch for iOS >>

Joe Danger Infinity for iOS >>

by Hello Games
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Work with us!


We’re raising the banner! Activating the beacon! FINE AND FRIENDLY PEOPLE WANTED AT OUR COORDINATES!

So we’re sitting here, with E3 craziness behind us and so much ahead of us, and we’re realising we want some more amazing people to join us on our journey to No Man’s Sky and beyond…

We have a lot of exciting plans for adventures. If you’re lovely and super-talented, and able to work with us from our little office in Guildford, UK, we need your help.

Graduate programmerer!

Maybe you’re looking for your first job in the game industry? Maybe you would like to work on No Man’s Sky? Help us build big things.

– You have the best grades from a computer science or similar degree, and solid maths skills to at least A-Level, uh, level
– You have a solid understanding of C++
– You have some amazing demos of things you’ve been working on in your spare time that you can’t wait to show us
– You *love* games

Senior programmerer!

You are an experienced programmer, maybe with a focus on networking or graphics, but you have interests and abilities that span all game programming. Come help us solve some really big, fun problems!

– You probably have 4+ years experience at a game studio and fancy a challenge
– You might have lots of experience in networking or next-gen PC/console graphical/optimisation
– You can turn your hand to anything code-related, and enjoy working on all aspects of making a game
– You are the best programmer you know
– You *love* games

Junior arter!

Want a first job in the industry, or to develop your career? Come and make things with us! We have a galaxy to fill with them!

– You have a portfolio of super cool things on which you’ve been working in your spare time
– You can turn your hand to anything art-related, from concept to modelling, characters to environments
– You are the best artist you know. You find yourself compulsively sketching everything
– You *love* games

Please note!

Sorry, but we don’t take on interns or unpaid students. To apply, email us at with the role you’re applying for in the subject line, or use the links above!

And just to remind you, all roles will work from our office in Guildford in the UK. We work best together! For more info on working at Hello Games, take a look at our Jobs page.

Finally, we’re looking for super, super-talented people. We are such a small group that we often put up jobs ads and don’t hire anyone, unless we find the exact right person. We really hope you are one of these crazy rare people! :)

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Independence Joe!


May we politely suggest that you celebrate FREEDOM this holiday weekend by speeding on a stuntbike in Joe Danger? We’ve put Joe Danger for iOS and Android, and also Joe Danger Infinity for iOS, on sale!

Get ’em for just 99c, and at discounted rates wherever else you might be in the world!

Get Joe Danger for Android >>
Joe Danger Touch for iOS >>

Joe Danger Infinity for iOS >>

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Hey, good news! We’re excited to announce that Joe Danger for Android will release this Friday, April 17, on Google Play, OUYA and Amazon Appstore!

It’s been a while coming, but we’re finally there! It’ll be available on Google Play for £2.29, which comes to around $3.38/€2.52. On Amazon Appstore it’s £2.29/$3.52/€3.15. And on OUYA, it will be $3.99.

Our friends at SockMonkey Studios have done such an amazing job with taking JD to Android, especially for the OUYA version, which brings it back to the living room TV so you can sit with friends and compete for high scores, and also laugh and point and jeer when Joe gets clotheslined by another low bar. That is basically ideal gaming, for us :)

Joe Danger for Android got all the features of Joe Danger Touch, including 80 levels and 29 characters to play as, plus game controller support for both Android devices and OUYA (of course), so you have a completely new way to play, which we actually really love!

We really hope you enjoy it!

by Alex