Our Aaron has just made the most awesome thing! Being a Team Fortress 2 obsessive, he’s released the Doktoberfest! outfit for the Medic! It’s so good! Now we remember why we hired him.

Fear the wurst!

Fear the wurst!


Best of all, it has a paintable neck tie.

If you like it, do you fancy rating it up to help it maybe making an official release from Valve?

by Alex
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OMG, this is amazing! Joe Danger is a finalist in the Best Mobile Game category in the 2013 Golden Joystick awards!

Here’s the thing – the winner is down to a public vote! So maybe you want to put a word in for ol’ Joe?

The other finalists are pretty amazing though, including far too many Hello Games real-life chums, so we’re actually suspecting it’s actually all part of some exquisite indie torture device. Here’s the list:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2K Games)
Ridiculous Fishing (Vlambeer)
Super Hexagon (Terry Cavanagh)
Deus Ex: The Fall (Square Enix)
Rayman Jungle Run (Ubisoft)
Total War Battles: Shogun (Sega)
Joe Danger Touch (Hello Games)
Year Walk (Simogo)
Punch Quest (Rocketcat)

So many lovely games and people to have to choose between 🙁 Anyway, vote for us!

We’re hoping that the ceremony will be as good as that of 1989 or 2002.

You can see him enjoying it right there.

You can see him enjoying it right there.


Money and talent can't buy you stage presence.

Money and talent can’t buy you stage presence.


Just imagine Sean standing awkwardly behind Phillip Schofield, waiting for the prize and feeling guilty it hadn’t gone to Rocketcat or Terry Cavanagh or Simogo or Vlambeer or… That’s surely worth a vote?

by Ryan
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D A N G E R! In your hands!

D A N G E R! In your hands!


Yes! Yes it is! We’re super excited to confirm what Shahid Ahmad said at Gamescom yesterday: both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are coming to PlayStation Vita next year!

Joe Danger’s slow invasion of every game platform in the world continues! All shall tremble!

Actually to me it’s genuinely amazing see the original Joe Danger running in my hands, looking just like the original and at a super-smooth 60 frames-a-second. These things are so important to us (maybe a bit unhealthily so), and to the games themselves, and we couldn’t have done them without the Vita. That lovely screen helps a fair bit too 🙂

Vita also helps with its millions of buttons and sensors and stuff. It’s a proud tradition here to use every button we can – the Joe Danger Claw is a recognised medical condition. Sorry about that 🙁

Right now we’re shoehorning in some tilt, waggle and touch-based gameplay (TWT). Imagine, if you will, holding your Vita up to the sky and tracking a bird with the camera to make Joe jump over some spikes. The possibilities are literally endless.

I’m joking! We are obsessed with making Joe Danger on Vita feel every bit as satisfying as its console brethren. Promise. We’ve got a fair bit of work ahead to make that happen, but we’ll tell you more as we get closer, and maybe reveal a few surprises too!

by David
Nothing sinister to see here.

The unwavering eye of YouTube is always on you


Hey, so we’ve had quite a few emails and messages from YouTubers and streamers in the past about our policy on Joe Danger videos, and our answer has always been the same: go right ahead and make them!

Actually, we built YouTube sharing right into Joe Danger from the start. This was mostly because we’re massive egomaniacs, obviously, but also we really wanted Joe Danger fans to enjoy sharing videos of their pratfalls and best runs as part of the game. Video is such an important part of games culture now so we wanted it to be easy and seamless in Joe Danger. I guess it’s a nice little bonus that the word’s being spread about the games, too 🙂

Basically, with game videos everybody wins, right?

So, in part inspired by Supergiant Games’ similar line on fan videos, and Mojang’s too, we thought we’d make a public statement:

Feel free to make videos of our games on YouTube or Twitch or wherever else! And hey, go crazy and monetise them with adverts and such, as long as you include your own content as well, like audio commentary or music!

Make us some good ones! In fact, it would be so awesome if you sent us your best for us to watch and share – it’s all too easy for us to miss seeing a great playthrough! Make us jealous of your skills or just laugh – just comment below, email or tweet us at @hellogames!

by Alex
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Hey, so the PC version of Joe Danger’s in’s crazy new Indie Games section! What’s more, the Joe Danger Bundle is available at 50% off until August 14! So that’s $12.49 instead of $24.99.

Go grab! We’re also going to be featured in Amazon’s Indie Spotlight soon, in which Sean will list all his recent Amazon purchases. The revelations are startling/horrifying. We look at him now with new respect… and fear.

The Washington Post, $1.4 million Andy Warhols, now indie games. What won’t Jeff Bezos sell? The key to Peter Molyneux’s heart? Ken Levine’s hair? We would 1-Click them without even thinking.

Be ours...

Be ours…


Also! Joe Danger is now available to buy through Gamersgate, if you’re not in the US, or just don’t like Amazon. Or if you’re in Poland, the bundle is available on at 99.99 PLN, and the individual games at 59.99 PLN! Joe Danger’s unstoppable takeover of every digital store is just beginning!

by Grant
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