A couple of weeks ago we launched Joe Danger 2 on Vita, and it’s been getting some lovely reviews. With our heads in the stars, it’s great to know that Joe still gets a lot of love. Which is extra fortunate, given that he’s coming to Android really soon :D Anyway, here are some of the nice things people have said – if you haven’t got Joe Danger 2 for Vita yet, go get it here!

“Wonderful” 9/10 PlayStation Universe

Joe Danger 2 was already a highly charming, addictive and enjoyable title on PS3, but much like its predecessor, it finds its true home on Vita.

“A treat” 8/10 Push Square

This is a meticulous port that maintains the appeal of the original PlayStation 3 release. Perky presentation mixed with measured gameplay make for a thoroughly enjoyable arcade treat.

“Terrific fun” 8/10 Pocket Gamer

Joe Danger 2: The Movie’s oodles of content and its unique platforming/stunt racing hybrid experience makes it an undeniable hit.

“Fun and addicting” 8/10 PlayStation Lifestyle

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is a fun and addicting game that easily lives up to the energy of its prequel. Movie buffs, casual gamers, and fans of platformers should all pick up a copy of Joe Danger 2 – you won’t regret it.

“Excellent” 8.8 GamersFTW

Joe Danger 2 is an almost perfect sequel; it is bigger, better and more varied, the game builds upon the already solid foundation while maintaining what was great about the original.

“One of the best Vita titles” 4/5 Retro

Joe Danger 2: The Movie stands as one of the best Vita titles you can play right now. Its gameplay is unhindered when it comes to delivering excellent platforming fun, and its challenges will keep you coming back to get every last little thing – in which you’ll be promptly rewarded. Trust in Joe – he still knows how to make the most out of a thrill ride.

“Special” 4.3/5 The Vita Lounge

If you’ve yet to jump on the Joe Danger bandwagon then this is certainly a fantastic place to start. Joe Danger 2 is without doubt one of 2015’s first must owns for Vita.

“You need to play it” Critical Indie Gamer

Joe Danger 2: The Movie’s single-player campaign offers more than enough incentive to dust off your Vita and jump into one of gaming’s purest forms of fun. Unlike a lot a movies, this is one sequel worth seeing and playing. You need to play it.

“Outstanding” A- Gaming Age

This is a game worth checking out. The controls may have been imitated by they’ve rarely been duplicated, and they’re topped off by visuals that are second-to-none.

We got some lovely (we think?) non-English reviews, like Atomix’s 83-scored review, IGN Italia’s 8.1, and GZG’s 9/10! Thanks so much, everyone! It really means a lot!

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Yes, it is! Our little guy will be jumping over a pool of sharks and through a flaming ring on to Google Play, Amazon Appstore and OUYA real soon!

Finally, right? Joe Danger for Android is based on Joe Danger Touch, which originally came out on iOS. Ever since, we’ve had thousands of requests to release it on Android, and what with our determination to see Joe on every format in the world ever (with Android, we’re now up to eight!), we’re super happy it’s coming :)


Joe Danger on Android have all Touch’s features, including HOURS of play across 80 levels, each with a Pro Medal to win if you can score a perfect run, online scoreboards and achievements, 29 different characters to collect and play with, and the Daily Challenge mode, which offers a special new level to beat every day.

But that’s not all! It will also be fully compatible with Android game controllers, adding a whole new way to play the game. Seriously, playing Joe Danger for Android with a controller feels completely different to using the touchscreen, and it’s even way different to the console versions.

So, if you’ve got a Xbox 360, PS3 or generic HID/USB controller, a MOGA gamepad, or the Nvidia Shield, give it a go! You must also tell us what you think :)

Oh and finally! You might think this goes without saying, but it also had to have beautiful 60 frames-a-second graphics, just like the original :)

It’s been so great to finally bring Joe Danger to Android with the help of our friends at SockMonkey Studios. Thank you! We’re even prouder of that little stuntguy than ever. We’ll be in touch with a release date real soon!

by Alex

It’s launch day! Joe Danger 2: The Movie is out for PS Vita today! And guess what? If you’re a Playstation Plus member you get 20% off its usual price of €7.99/£6.49/$10.99! Go get it!

No wait, actually listen to this first!

JD2 on PS Vita is a bumper version, the biggest yet (even though it’s also the smallest, what with being on a Vita)! That’s because it features some special guest appearances. From the lovely Tearaway we’ve got Atoi and Iota, and from LittleBigPlanet we’ve got Sackboy.


They join all nine of the mercs from Team Fortress 2 and Steve from Minecraft. These were part of the PC version, from where we’ve also brought across a special Minecraft stage for Movie Maker, JD2′s level editing mode.

Hours and hours of play await across 85 levels, including 15 from the Undead Movie Pack, which comes included in the Downloadable Tours section, plus a total of 35 playable characters.

Like JD on Vita, which we released back in September, JD2 runs at a super-smooth 60 frames-a-second, and features ghost downloads so you always have something to race against, online leaderboards and new PS Vita-tuned controls. Plus, you can create new levels in Movie Maker mode using touchscreen controls, and of course there’s a set of Trophies to win.

Now go get it! We really hope you like it :) Let us know what you think!

by Alex
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Sorry we’ve been quiet lately. We’ve been deep in preparation for something really special we’re going to be doing during PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas from December 6-7. We’re calling it A Night Under No Man’s Sky. Here’s Sean talking about it :)

A Night Under No Man’s Sky is going to pretty special, and not the sort of thing you usually get at game conventions. We would love for you to be there!

You can buy tickets for PlayStation Experience here.

by Alex


**UPDATE!** This call is now closed! But keep an eye on our jobs page in case anything right for you comes up :)

Every now and then Hello Games likes to light a beacon in the sky, shout, “Assemble!” and see what happens. This is one of those times.

Hello Games is actually a super small company still, just a handful of people, but we like to make big, fun, colourful things. If that appeals and you are super-talented, then please get in touch! We like you already.

Freelance artist
This is a cool opportunity to work on a secret thing at Hello Games. It’s potentially a full time role, but we are happy for people to work offsite as its self-contained (and super exciting).

– You have an amazing portfolio of things you’ve been working on that will make our existing artists jelly (jealous)
– You like the idea of taking something from concept to completion, with your own vision
– You work really well to a brief and love feedback
– You can turn your hand to anything art-related, from concept to modelling, characters to environments. You are a swiss army artist (you don’t have to be Swiss)
– You love games

Potentially you are right now working at a large studio, and thinking “I’d love to try doing my own thing for a year” – this might be a cool opportunity for you too… be an indie, work in your pants, but you know get paid and all that.

Send us a mail to apply!

Graduate programmer!
This hopefully a nice opportunity for somebody looking for their first job in the games industry working on No Man’s Sky. You’ll be working in our studio in Guildford.

– You are the best programmer you know
– You have the best grades from a computer science or similar degree, and solid maths skills to at least A-Level, uh, level
– You have a solid understanding of C++
– You have some demos of things you’ve been working on in your spare time that are darn cool and show off your interests
– You love games

Send us a mail to apply!

Graphics/Engine Programmer
Do you love making things which are super pretty and run at silky smooth framerates? Would you like to do that on No Man’s Sky? Us too!

– You are the best programmer you know
– You have a couple of years experience of working on AAA console games
– You believe that the pursuit of sixty frames-per-second is man’s greatest endeavour
– You love games

Send us a mail to apply!

Please note!
Sorry, but we don’t take on interns or unpaid students. To apply, email us at jobs@hellogames.co.uk with the role you’re applying for in the subject line, or use the links above!

We like to remind people that we’re looking for super-talented people. We are such a small group that we often put up jobs ads and don’t hire anyone, unless we find the exact right people. We really hope you are the person.

by Sean