So Joe Danger Infinity has been out for a little over a couple of weeks now and the reaction has been amazing! Thanks so much to all who’ve played it! (If you haven’t, it’s currently 99c/99p – go get it! 😀 )

It has been our most successful launch ever, which just bowls me over. Already Joe Danger Infinity has been the number one selling app in 17 countries! Paraguay, Germany, Finland, Italy, Guatemala and Canada, we salute you! (Plus the other 11!) It’s also reached the App Store’s top five in 70 countries! 70. That’s basically all of them?

Reviewers liked it too, saying many lovely things, like this:

“Joe Danger Infinity is a vibrant, addictive experience.”

148 Apps
“Joe Danger Infinity is a true delight.”

Slide to Play
“This is already one of the top handheld games of 2014.”

“A giddy, colourful joy of a game.”

Pocket Gamer
“Addictive, challenging, charming, and joyous.”

“The best Joe Danger yet.”

Jay is Games
“The best arcade racer on the mobile market.”

OMG thanks so much!

It's King Gumball!

It’s King Gumball!

Players have said nice things (and given it an overall rating of 4.5 stars), like:

“Spectacular wee game, one of the best on the App Store.”
“This game is incredibly enjoyable.”
“Brilliant game. Didn’t think you could get any better than the first game but they somehow have.”
“I’m 41 years young and it’s a great stress reliever. Brilliant acid trippppppp.”
“A great game from a tiny studio, keep it up!”

😀 😀

So what’s next? We’ve also already updated the game with some quick tweaks, and we’ve got loads of plans for much more, which should be coming pretty soon. We’ll let you know when once we’re sure, but they should add new modes, more stuff, more Joe!

Thanks so much for playing so far! 😀

by Sean
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Our website decided to have a little outage over the past couple of days so we couldn’t post all the things we’ve been doing in the busiest start to a year, like, ever. So here’s a quick catch-up.

We launched Joe Danger Infinity last night! The reviews are coming in now and they’re lovely. Thanks so much. I’m a complete bundle of nerves when a game comes out and they’ve kept me from the edge of mania 🙂

It's King Gumball!

It’s King Gumball!

But that’s not the only launch this week. We also released Joe Danger 2 for Mac and Linux, especially for – this is so amazing for us – the Humble Indie Bundle X!

When the bundle kicked off the other night we just watched the sales tick upwards – it was the most surreal thing. I couldn’t tear my eyes from it, even though I quickly didn’t know what the numbers meant anymore. They’re still going up. What does it mean?

Anyway, with JD2 is a roster of fantastic games. There’s the genuinely tear-jerking adventure To The Moon, the also genuinely tear-jerking puzzle platformer Papo & Yo, the twitch crazy platfomer Runner2: Future Legend of the Rhythm Alien, the pretty and clever strategy Reus, the super-gross (and funny) cut-‘em-up Surgeon Simulator. They are all each worth double the average the bundle is selling for at the moment 🙂

Anyway, go see! And don’t forget that knowing Humble Bundle there might well be secret additions down the line. If you buy the bundle now, you’ll get them too, like special presents. We all like special presents.

Anyway, that’s been our week. Plus some other things, like continue clearing the studio up, and fixing our website 😀 How’s yours been?

by Alex

Our brand new baby hits iOS tomorrow, and we’ve made a trailer for it!

Isn’t it lovely! Here are some more details about Joe Danger Infinity, but here are the important ones: it launches on the App Store at midnight in your territory at $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.69!

I hope you love it! 😀

by Sean
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2013! One heck of a year!

Hello 2013!

2013 has been Hello Games’ biggest ever. We released our most popular game, and we’ve announced our biggest-ever game. And we’ve done loads, loads more as well. Looking back, I can’t hardly believe how we’ve managed it with our little team.

So, it seems crazy to me but it wasn’t even quite a year ago that we were putting the finishing touches on Joe Danger Touch, before releasing it on January 9.

It got to #1 on the UK and US App Store and was awarded so many five-star reviews. We’re so proud of the little guy.

Then we kinda went a bit quiet for a while, before putting out the first big update to Touch in April, adding iCloud support.

Then in May we announced Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 were coming to PC! That was a big project, which Ryan led, making sure that it featured proper support of Steam’s awesome features.

Then in June we announced that JD on PC would feature loads of brand-new content: a Minecraft level and TF2’s entire cast of mercs as playable characters, which Jake and Aaron in particular did an incredible job of making happen. Thanks again to Mojang and Valve for being so supportive 😀

We then released JD on PC on June 24, and we were super excited to see how much the PC community liked, with some lovely reviews.

In July we were super honoured that Pocket Gamer awarded Joe Danger Touch the position of the sixth best game of iOS of all time. Thanks, guys 🙂

Later the same month Stevie and Gareth focused on giving Touch its biggest ever update, with new characters and a whole new game mode, Calendar Mode, which included loads of new levels.

In August we announced that Joe Danger is coming to Vita in 2014 – seeing the little fella on that lovely screen is such a buzz, which Alex kicked off. Thanks so much to Four Door Lemon for helping us make it happen 😀

In October we released the Undead Movie Pack for Joe Danger 2 on PC, just in time for Halloween.

Then in November we announced Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 are coming to Linux and Mac! This will mean Joe Danger will be on seven different platforms, which is just completely… I just don’t know what to say. We never even thought this would be possible 🙂

December was quite a month. On December 7 at VGX we announced something huge. It’s called No Man’s Sky, and it’s real. I still have to pinch myself that the biggest thing we’ve ever made is now public, and so warmly received. For all of us, but especially Dave, Grant, Hazel and I, the past couple of weeks have been the most incredible of our lives.

But that’s not all! Why announce just one game in a month when you can announce two? We’ve also been making a brand new Joe Danger for iOS called Joe Danger Infinity! Especially huge credit to Stevie, Jake, Aaron and Gareth!


And that was 2013. Now we have retired into warm places to rest, take stock and come out again in January ready to take it all on! Have a super-amazing New Year everyone. Thanks SO, SO MUCH for everything! We love you!

Love, the Hello Games team!

by Alex

Hey we’ve been making a new, new game! Not just that that one, but another one as well! It’s a brand new Joe Danger game. It’s for iOS. And it’s called…

Joe Danger Infinity!

And it’s going to be out really soon! Here’s what it looks like:


Stevie and I are really proud of Joe Danger Touch, which we released nearly a year ago, which it’s incredible to think about.

Touch has done so well for us, and we’re so, so proud of it. So many people have played it that it’s probably the most played Joe Danger game.

I guess Stevie always felt we had some unfinished business on iOS. It felt that Joe Danger Touch was something that had already existed on console, something that we were just bringing to iOS, but with native controls. So Stevie wanted us to do something totally new, just for iOS, where so so many people were enjoying it.

So we went back and made a Joe Danger that’s completely fresh and new.


The main thing about Infinity is that it’s huge. It’s double the size of JDT. It’s the biggest Joe Danger game we’ve made, and we’re going to be adding more and more to it.

We’ve also changed a few things. In Infinity there’s a magic gumball machine called King Gumball who holds gumballs containing toys that come alive. One of them is a little Joe Danger figure, and you don’t only play as him but a whole host of toys, pulling stunts and wheelies across kitchen tops and a games room and much more.

It’s like we’ve gone full circle to back when we were coming up with the idea for the original Joe Danger, just playing with a little toy Evel Knievel stunt cycle on the floor 🙂

The really big difference is that Joe Danger Infinity features loads of totally new vehicles. There’s cars, airplanes, even a tank and a runaway firework! It’s really silly and super fun, and they handle differently to bring in more variety.

Finally, we’ve made it more competitive than ever before. There’s a huge focus on scoring, plus also you can compare how far you and your friends have progressed!

I hope you like the look of our new baby! We’ll be following up with more news on Joe Danger Infinity in the New Year!

by Alex