OMG, this is amazing! Joe Danger is a finalist in the Best Mobile Game category in the 2013 Golden Joystick awards!

Here’s the thing – the winner is down to a public vote! So maybe you want to put a word in for ol’ Joe?

The other finalists are pretty amazing though, including far too many Hello Games real-life chums, so we’re actually suspecting it’s actually all part of some exquisite indie torture device. Here’s the list:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2K Games)
Ridiculous Fishing (Vlambeer)
Super Hexagon (Terry Cavanagh)
Deus Ex: The Fall (Square Enix)
Rayman Jungle Run (Ubisoft)
Total War Battles: Shogun (Sega)
Joe Danger Touch (Hello Games)
Year Walk (Simogo)
Punch Quest (Rocketcat)

So many lovely games and people to have to choose between 🙁 Anyway, vote for us!

We’re hoping that the ceremony will be as good as that of 1989 or 2002.

You can see him enjoying it right there.

You can see him enjoying it right there.


Money and talent can't buy you stage presence.

Money and talent can’t buy you stage presence.


Just imagine Sean standing awkwardly behind Phillip Schofield, waiting for the prize and feeling guilty it hadn’t gone to Rocketcat or Terry Cavanagh or Simogo or Vlambeer or… That’s surely worth a vote?

by Ryan
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A cool million!


Over and over again

Joe Danger Touch has had one million plays in the three weeks since we launched the latest update! That means someone’s been sparking it up every other second for 21 solid days!

… …

Huh. I can’t actually process that. It’s amazing! Also a bit scary, which I deal with best by making the numbers nice and abstract. According to which it seems a lot of the play is down to Joe Danger Touch’s new Daily Challenges mode, which we added with the update.

What are Daily Challenges? They add 50% more new levels to the game’s original set. We wanted to experiment with making a mode that would give you more reason to have a go every day, so we thought of making levels that would unlock each day of the week, but only if you play them. It’s like waiting for the next episode of Downton to air, except every single day. 😀

Incidentally, we were super excited to see that the upcoming PC version of Spelunky has had a similar idea – random daily adventures that you get just one chance to play and compete against your friends on, which sound really cool.

Anyway, for Joe Danger Touch’s Daily Challenge, just hit the little calendar icon on the right of the start screen and you’ll unlock the day’s level so you can play it any time. Complete every challenge for every day in the week and you’ll then unlock a whole new week of levels.

Three to go!

Three to go!

With three weeks of levels in the update, the most super-committed (and skilled) players, who started on day one and played every day, will have finished Daily Challenges mode only today, so there’s loads to do. And believe me, by the third week, we’ve made things pretty tricky 🙂

Wanna get in the action, too? Get your copy while it’s still on sale at 66% off! We don’t know yet when we’re gonna end it, but it’s gonna end real soon!

by Alex

Howdy howdy howdy! Big news today! We’ve launched Joe Danger Touch’s biggest update yet, and also its first sale!

First up, from today it’s available at 66% off the normal price. So from the game’s usual $2.99 / £1.99, it will be $0.99 / £0.69p! I think that’s a pretty amazing deal for a universal app 😀 Quick, go get it right now!

We’ve also launched a massive FREE update, which includes a whole new game mode, new levels and much more!

The major thing is a whole new mode that doubles the size of the game! It’s called Calendar Tour.

Calendar Tour!

Here’s Tuesday’s Calendar Tour level – complete each level in the week and you’ll get a new set next week!

Every day of the week, you’ll get a new level for you to tackle. Complete each level in the week and you’ll move onto a trickier set of levels next week, but be warned – they’re all pretty tough 😉

We designed Calendar Tour to give you more reason to have a quick go every day, and not only will you get levels but also, if you complete the daily challenges, you’ll win BIG coin rewards to buy extra special playable characters with!

Luckily, then, we’ve packed in five brand-new characters in the update, including a cunning ninja and fierce pirate!

Joe Danger Apache

Joe Danger Touch update 1.0.3 includes five new characters to collect!

Finally, Calendar Tour adds a new and improved Laboratory environment to test your skills in, with different colour backgrounds and all-new obstacles and props!


The Laboratory, complete with alternate background colour!

This is the biggest update we’ve made for Joe Danger Touch since its launch in January, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick up the game – at a really nice price! Enjoy! 😀

by David

Pocket Gamer award

This is so amazing! Pocket Gamer just nominated Joe Danger Touch as the sixth best iOS game of the past five years!

“Hello Games showed the rest of the developer community how to successfully bring a console franchise to the iPhone and iPad when it released a version of PSN title Joe Danger on the App Store,” they said 😀

We’re made up. Ryan’s told his mum and she’s crying down the phone with pride at him. Grant’s doing a jig. Sean’s just crying.

And as it happens, Shortlist has just included the game on its list of the best games to take on holiday. What a day!

Best of all, though, it’s up front of some big Joe Danger Touch news that Pocket Gamer has also reported – we’ll fill in more details here tomorrow!

by David
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Call for cheaters!


Hey! We’re planning updates to Joe Danger Touch and we were wondering, could you can give us a hand?

We released the last update a couple of weeks ago but we’ve got plenty of plans for bringing more big, new stuff to the game, like a whole new daily challenge mode, new characters and more.

That’s actually coming really soon, but we’re also thinking about adding a set of cheats to the game in another update. We were chatting about the good old days of gaming in the studio the other day and talk of course turned to GoldenEye and GameSharks and the Konami Code. Oh, such great days… Then we started thinking of all kinds of silly stuff we could make Joe do, and before we knew it, it was on the slate.

We’ve got some great ideas (we think!), but we’d also love to hear what cheats you would like to see us put into the game. Think big head and mirror modes – but more than just that. We want to hear your ideas for mixing up Joe Danger Touch with crazy new things to do. In return, we’ll put the best ones in the update, and you’ll win prizes!

Joe before realising the nightmare horror of the things we're going to make him do in the new cheat mode.

Joe before realising the nightmare horror of the things we’re going to make him do in the new cheat mode.

Remember, though, the rule is, Joe Danger Touch still has to be playable! We reckon the best cheats will make you play the levels differently, or make you think about them in a different way – as well as making us all laugh.

Truth be told, we’re a bit scared about creating your cheese dreams. But this will be fantastic. Not only will we put the winning entry – or entries, if we get more than one brilliant idea – into the game but we’ll also send its inventor a T-shirt and some codes for the game to give to friends and family.

So let’s get going! To enter, send an email to with the subject “Dirty cheaters”, in which you describe the cheat you’d like to see and how it’d work. Maybe draw us a picture, too, if you think it’ll help. Make sure we have your entry by June 11, OK?

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you come up with 😀

by Alex
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