Current Vacancies

QA Tester

We’re looking for a dedicated QA Tester to join us on No Man’s Sky. Here is the sort of person we’re after:

– You have lots of proven experience testing games

– You know your stuff when it comes to bugs. How to get into the nooks and crannies of the game to find them. How to write them up clearly. Familiarity with bug databases and workflows.

– You’re proactive! You can spot problems on the horizon and deal with them before they become an issue.

– You’re a self starter, we want someone who gets on with the job without needing constant supervision

– You *love* games

You can apply for the QA Tester position here.


Experienced Programmer

You are an experienced programmer with interests and abilities that span many aspects of game programming. You like the idea of working with an innovative in-house engine. Come help us solve some really big, fun problems!

– You have 4+ years experience at a game studio and fancy a challenge working on No Man’s Sky

– You’re experienced at programming in C++, but you can also turn your hand to anything code-related, and enjoy working on all aspects of making a game

– You *love* games

You can apply for the Experienced Programmer position here.


Graduate Programmer

You’re a graduate programmer looking for a challenging role in games!

– You have great grades from a computer science degree, or a similar degree with lots of programming and maths, and solid maths skills to at least A-Level, uh, level

– You have a solid understanding of C++

– You have some amazing demos of things you’ve been working on in your spare time that you can’t wait to show us

– You *love* games

You can apply for the Graduate Programmer position here.


All about us

Hello Games is pretty awesome. Here’s our ‘job description’: make fun games, drink tea, win awards and talk nonsense. You can have total creative freedom too, if you want.


Free to draw monsters eating rainbows

So maybe you want to be a part of a small gang with big ideas. Maybe you’re a new friend who likes making games (rather than our current ones, who just like eating crisps and laughing with their mouths full).

Hello Games is a tiny team and it’s going to stay that way, but we’re always looking out for super-special talented new friends to go on adventures together with.

We’re in Guildford in the UK, and no one gets to work from home. Not since that time Ryan did and completed Red Dead Redemption. And we don’t hold internships – when you join us, you join for reals, fully paid up and ready to roll.


Some general advice


If you don’t have any experience in the industry, then that’s good actually, because we’re making something totally new. If you want to learn about making games, then you’ll be so happy here that you’ll whistle chiptunes.

Breaking into the games industry can be difficult. We’ve been there. Grant had to do some things to get his first job that he doesn’t like to talk about.

Send us some stuff you’ve made. A good clear CV is super helpful too, but screenshots, demos and videos are the best. We like crazy Flash games, weird demos, spinning 3D models, elaborate scribbles and odd animations. They don’t have to be perfect, but it tells us you enjoy creating things. That’s the best qualification, really.


If you have experience, then that’s awesome, too. That’s something we’re sometimes short of, and we respect it. There are no job descriptions or job titles here, and everyone is equally important. We just need extremely talented people to join Hello Games, so we can take over the world together.

If you are an experienced programmer with a definite focus, then the chances are that you’d find plenty to keep you busy here. We don’t really mind what your focus is, though, as long as you love what you do.

If you are an experienced artist, then you need to be more than one type of really-very-good. You’ll need to have a good range and be able to turn your hand to different styles and disciplines.

World Domination!


Working at Hello Games
We’re a micro studio, so we need people who can actually make games. We like people who can program, draw, animate and make things fun. If you are an artist who can design or programmer who can animate or whatever, then even better. You people are awesome, and you can wear as many hats as you want at Hello Games (current record: six). You can see examples of the types of people we’ve hired in the past here.