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The interview I mentioned in the Develop post is now up here (thanks Edge, and Alex Wiltshire for being an all round ace guy!). I think Grant and Dave quite enjoyed watching Sean and I squirm as we read it back. Have a read and let us know what you think!

And apparently Sean is ‘smart’ and ‘savvy’. Not the two words I’d use to describe him of course.

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Guildford, Wednesday afternoon. Sean and I leave the ranch to meet  Edge Online at Develop in Brighton for our first ever interview. Hooray!

Brighton, later on Wednesday afternoon. We arrive at our hotel near the seafront about 10 minutes before we’re meant to be meeting Edge. This is not ideal. We leave the hotel and discover we’re miles away from the Hilton, by the time we get there we present a good argument for the stereotypical sweaty programmer.


Us at work

We meet Edge and go to a nearby bar to find some quiet away from the teeming Hilton bar. Sean and I are quite nervous as this is our first interview, and the mere presence of a Dictaphone has us tripping over ourselves further cementing that awkward stereotype. After a few minutes the nervousness passes and gives way to verbal diarrhoea. It passes in a bit of a blur (the interview not the verbal diarrhoea) and afterwards I don’t really remember a great deal about what we talked about, but hopefully Edge can salvage some kind of coherent material from our nonsense. Unfortunately halfway through it turns out Edge is double booked and has to shoot off to interview someone you’ve actually heard of. The experience certainly makes me wonder about the whole process from the journalist’s point of view. From my perspective it was very much like any conversation, but as such it must be hard (or at least time consuming) to parse the conversation for the salient bits of information, the answers to the questions that were actually asked. I expect they have a tougher job with inexperienced interviewees such as ourselves, what with us veering wildly off topic or getting over-excited and weeing ourselves (Sean).

We return to the Hilton bar which is swarming with wild game developers let loose from the office for the day.  Over the next couple of hours we meet many lovely people both new and old (RPS, Zombie Cow, Beatnik, Media Molecule) before going to dinner with some old friends. Afterwards we go to Audio where the Gamesindustry.biz party is kicking off. There are free blue cocktails (bad) and free bacon sandwiches (good), and a pool table (good). We proceed to take advantage of the free bar (after all, the bar is a game developer’s second home – their first being the office), meet some old friends, make some new friends, probably lose said new friends and all in all have a rather pleasant night.

Back in Guildford, Thursday morning,  I wonder if perhaps the free bar was not in fact such a good idea after all.

The morning after

The morning after

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