Announcing a new game is always super exciting, it’s also really really nerve racking… It’s our baby, and we’re sending it off to school. Let’s hope it makes some friends!

We sit and read every comment with our fingers crossed that they’ll be nice to our poor little child. Thankfully, the response to Joe Danger Special Edition has been crazy positive, and we haven’t had to sort out any bullies. Yet.

We’re trying our best to spread the word to as many places as possible, and to explain what we’re up to as well as we can… which isn’t always that well. Mainly we send Sean out, he’s not very good at talking to press, but it gets him out of the office.

Then we sit back and read what silly things he’s said, and never let him live it down. Bless him.

eurogamer podcast

Eurogamer asked us if we’d like to be on their podcast, so we sent Sean down to Brighton to talk to them. It’s literally an hour of nonsense. Warning, contains anecdotes about driving around Germany with a sofa and getting arrested for working late. Interview is a website that talks a lot about the business of games. We have no idea how Sean got on this one. I guess that means we’re a business? I’m going to tell my Mum, she’ll tell her friends.

In this interview Sean starts 26 sentences with ‘I think’ and the other 5 sentence with “I don’t think”. In his accent it would be “Oi tink” and “Oi don’t tink”. That’s a lot of thinking.

edge online interview

We talked to Edge Online about the differences between working with Microsoft and Sony – Sean says: “Microsoft are a bit like your Dad and Sony are like your crazy uncle”. Next time we’re going to practice what we say beforehand.

by Grant

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