The Joe Danger Bundle!

The Joe Danger Bundle!

It’s out! Joe Danger is finally on PC! It’s been such a long time coming!

Available on Steam, you can buy Joe Danger or Joe Danger 2: The Movie individually, and also together in a bundle that we spent more time than you can imagine naming … wait for it … The Joe Danger Bundle.

The games are available at $14.99 / £9.99 / €13.99 individually. Or the bundle is $24.99 / £14.99 / €22.99.

For the first week on sale though, we’re offering 20% off each title, and 40% off the bundle! We’ve gone PC crazy!

That means you can get Joe Danger 1 and 2 together in a bundle with a whole bunch of special content for just $14.99 (£9.99)! I reckon that’s a good 50 hours of gaming right there. Steam is so amazing for helping deliver real value 🙂

The bundle also contains some special extra things that we’ve been making. The big one is an eBook all about the Joe Danger story so far. It’s the tale of living for months on ham sandwiches because we couldn’t convince publishers Joe was worth funding. So many thrills 😀

We laughed loads remembering it all, and also made us realise that these are the best days of our lives so far 🙂 Also in the bundle is the Joe Danger soundtrack, and a bunch of different wallpapers and stuff, so you can live the Joe Danger life outside the game, too.

I’ve said it before, but this release is so special to us, because PC is where Joe Danger started, and it’s allowed us to add some new stuff that I think makes it the best version yet.

Until I see you on the leaderboards, here’s the trailer again!

By the way, if you are interested in reviewing the game for your publication, let me know by emailing me at!

by Alex


  1. Deffo gonna buy this; mainly because of the extreme creative force behind the bundles name, but also ’cause it’s cheaper! xD

  2. Wow, that bundle in such a low price was unexpected. Love you guys.

  3. How come you guys dont give any credit to Alan Hawkshaw for the soundtrack? Isn’t the OST all his music?

  4. After spending a bit of time with the first one, i can say it’s insanely addicting once you get the hang of it. I’m sure 2 will be even better with the whole variety.

    Only two things i didn’t like.
    – The xbox buttons visible all the time, even without a gamepad. It would be much better if they were changing depending on your controller preference. Some people get alienated by such things, i do too but less when the game works perfect otherwise, like in your case. Addressing that will show that you gave much more attention to the “keyboard support” thing.

    – No online multiplayer. So many Steam friends, sadly we can’t compete with each other except ghosts. Btw, 2-3 friends asked me earlier exactly this, when they saw i bought the game.

    Thanks again for bringing Joe finally to the PC. Looks and plays gorgeous. But if you could take care of those two issues, the first one sounds simpler to “fix”, it would be more than great.

  5. Am gutted that there is no online multiplayer.

    Just bought a bundle for me and for my son. No father son bonding????

    I’ll buy you a pie each down the Keystone in town on Thursday pie night if you add online multi-player

  6. Please add online multi-player!!!!!!!!!!
    Please =)

  7. Very slowdown 🙁

    My PC is a QUad core
    Nvidia 650 TI BOOST
    6 GB RAM

    Incredible slod down , 🙁

  8. Many many other good PCs are getting super slowdown also I haven’t got a response back yet :/

  9. Doesn’t support more than one xbox wireless controller in multiplayer.

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