Joe Danger on PC is coming really soon – June 24… So maybe it’s time to reveal a couple of super-special extra things we’ve been working really hard to add into both games!

Since starting this project we’ve found PC to be the loveliest place, filled with lovely people who have allowed us to do things with their things that we could never have done before.

People like Valve! No not those sorts of things, you filthy monster! (Though we totally would do that with Valve, obviously.)

Lately pretty much all of us have been playing on our PCs more than our consoles, especially at lunch, and you know that means Team Fortress 2. Like, we’ve clocked up over 4000 hours in it between us and have so many hats. Just for fun Aaron started adding TF2 characters into Joe Danger and I was in love with how good they looked. We completely had to make them happen for real, so we called Valve, and now it’s a real thing!

The entire cast of TF2 is in Joe Danger as playable characters. I’m never happy with anything we do, but damn it, they look completely amazing. Super chibi Heavy is sooo cute 🙂 You’ll also encounter them in the Challenge mode!









Then we started wondering, like, how cool it would be to ride through Minecraft environments. So we talked to our friends at Mojang! And now in Joe Danger 2 you can make your own Minecraft levels, and share them over Steam Workshop! You can also race as Minecraft characters including The Player and Pigman!




No crafting, I'm afraid :(

No crafting, all racing

It’s so, so good. Thanks, Mojang! Is this the first time Minecraft is on Steam? Is this legal? We haven’t shown Notch the TF2 chars tearing through the Minecraft world yet (he’s a big TF2 fan). Can’t wait 🙂

We’ve made a trailer to show all this off right here:


Making Joe Danger for PC has been such brilliant fun. I hope you’re excited as we are! See you next Monday for launch!

P.S. If you’re a member of the press, I can send a code to you! Just drop me a line at and tell me about your publication!

by Alex


  1. God (by God i mean Gabe), i’m speechless. I really am. So fuckin’ awesome.

  2. Congrats! Can’t wait till the Steam release to play it on PC. Finally!!!! 😉

  3. Still crossing fingers for online multiplayer. Maybe on some later update if you thing it’s possible. Cause it would skyrocket the fun of multiplayer, playing with Steam friends etc.

  4. June 24th! Minecraft Level! PC? Must have 🙂

  5. woohoo!! im so out of patience right now, why is the steam page not up yet? we might not able to preorder but just looking the page would be cool

  6. ahhh its the 24th I’m guessing you won’t be launching until tomorrow afternoon is this correct?

  7. when will it be released??? it’s the 24th!!! i was counting the days!!!!

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