D A N G E R! In your hands!

D A N G E R! In your hands!


Yes! Yes it is! We’re super excited to confirm what Shahid Ahmad said at Gamescom yesterday: both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are coming to PlayStation Vita next year!

Joe Danger’s slow invasion of every game platform in the world continues! All shall tremble!

Actually to me it’s genuinely amazing see the original Joe Danger running in my hands, looking just like the original and at a super-smooth 60 frames-a-second. These things are so important to us (maybe a bit unhealthily so), and to the games themselves, and we couldn’t have done them without the Vita. That lovely screen helps a fair bit too 🙂

Vita also helps with its millions of buttons and sensors and stuff. It’s a proud tradition here to use every button we can – the Joe Danger Claw is a recognised medical condition. Sorry about that 🙁

Right now we’re shoehorning in some tilt, waggle and touch-based gameplay (TWT). Imagine, if you will, holding your Vita up to the sky and tracking a bird with the camera to make Joe jump over some spikes. The possibilities are literally endless.

I’m joking! We are obsessed with making Joe Danger on Vita feel every bit as satisfying as its console brethren. Promise. We’ve got a fair bit of work ahead to make that happen, but we’ll tell you more as we get closer, and maybe reveal a few surprises too!

by David


  1. I was SUPER excited to hear about this yesterday! Also very happy to hear you’re doing this in house, and it’s not being farmed off to some hacks. 😉

    I’ve only got one BIG request of you. Please make sure this game runs at the Vita’s native resolution. In my Vita experiences this is the single biggest difference makers in how games look on that screen. 60fps at native res would be a sight to behold.

    Maybe you can even confirm it runs at native res for us now? 😉

  2. Agree with BruiserBear about the native resolution thing. Definitely get it there. Also, just really happy about this announcement. Love the Joe Danger games and can’t wait to play them how they intended to be played (sorry to the iOS version; I still liked it) on a handheld!

  3. Great news Hello games, I have been blown away with everything you have done so far and Im sure the vita versions will be awesome too! Just make sure you chuck in some extra content so that I have an excuse to buy this version 😉

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