Hey, so the PC version of Joe Danger’s in Amazon.com’s crazy new Indie Games section! What’s more, the Joe Danger Bundle is available at 50% off until August 14! So that’s $12.49 instead of $24.99.

Go grab! We’re also going to be featured in Amazon’s Indie Spotlight soon, in which Sean will list all his recent Amazon purchases. The revelations are startling/horrifying. We look at him now with new respect… and fear.

The Washington Post, $1.4 million Andy Warhols, now indie games. What won’t Jeff Bezos sell? The key to Peter Molyneux’s heart? Ken Levine’s hair? We would 1-Click them without even thinking.

Be ours...

Be ours…


Also! Joe Danger is now available to buy through Gamersgate, if you’re not in the US, or just don’t like Amazon. Or if you’re in Poland, the bundle is available on Muve.pl at 99.99 PLN, and the individual games at 59.99 PLN! Joe Danger’s unstoppable takeover of every digital store is just beginning!

by Grant


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