Call for characters!

Hey, so we were wondering, what characters would you like us to put in Joe Danger?

We can’t tell you exactly what this is for yet, but Joe’s got quite a few friends now, and we want to give him more. So it would be brillo if you could give us your ideas for playable characters! The weirder and funnier the better 😀

Friends for all occasions

Friends for all occasions

We can’t use just any old ideas, though. Here’s what works best:

Something with a big, interesting head, like Joe’s. The head is where most of the character comes from!

A body with two arms and two legs that will fit Joe’s stunt bike.

It has to fit with the general Joe Danger style – so think fun, silly nonsense that will make us smile.

Finally, it shouldn’t infringe other people’s intellectual property – sorry, no Adventure Time 🙁

Just tell us your idea in the comments, tweet at us at @hellogames, message us on Facebook or you can even send a picture in an email!

Maybe your idea will appear in a game sometime? 🙂

by Grant


  1. How about grumpy cat? Not sure about copyright with that figure, they really promote him(/her?) now… I guess you’ve already covered the obvious: bigfoot, penguin, etc. If it’s for Sony, get their Sackboy!
    Of course an alien like those from ‘Mars attacks’ can’t be missed, and that’s easily done without copyright problems.

    Good luck looking around!

  2. Nothing like being hacked huh? Do you even realize it? Look at the page source for this page. You will find a bunch of “cialis online” text.

  3. A ninja (black outfit) or a baby looking char with diapers etc.

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