Basically Indie Game: The Movie could have been about Hello Games. Dave is often found weeping at the bottom of swimming pools. Much like Jon Blow (JB), Sean likes coding alone on rooftops, quaint patisseries, mahogany writing desks and generally always sits at right angles to the camera in silhouette. Ryan only eats really bad junk food.

Fez! Castle Crashers! Super Crate Box! Darwinia! Time Gentlemen Please!

Fez! Castle Crashers! Super Crate Box! Darwinia! Time Gentlemen Please!

Anyway, awesomely, we’re now part of Indie Game: The Movie! The lovely Edmund McMillen-out-of-the-movies drew Joe for the cover of its special box set! Whoop whoop! Take a look over here for more! It’s amazing. Joe has never looked cuter/more dangerous (see if you can spot him).

It ships early next month at $59 for the DVD, and $69 for the Blu-ray. We normally prefer our films with more explosions and Steven Segal. JB makes for a very poor man’s Segal, but we enjoyed it anyway 🙂 You should totally get it.

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Chibi TF2

Aaron made an awesome render of his TF2 characters from Joe Danger PC!

So cute…


by Grant

Hello Games is hiring!

Ahem! Since we released Joe Danger on iOS things have gotten a little bit crazy, and we need some help.

Last year a beautiful person called Stevie joined our little group of creative misfits. He played with the idea of making a new version of Joe Danger for iOS and then together we created a chart topping success and one of the highest rated iPhone games EVER! It’s been a liberating and bohemian development, but also so rewarding for everyone involved. If you’ve played it, you’ll know it’s a total labour of love.

We really want to continue building on the magic we’ve started, and like Joe Danger Touch we never just do a straight port of our games. It’s always something new and unique.

We’ve got so many other ideas and opportunities like that, but we’re too small ( right now ) to do them all!

That’s where you come in.



We’re looking for programmers with experience, or maybe even an existing team to take on a project start to finish.

Perhaps you are a programmer sat in the plush offices of a proper games company browsing jobs pages, wishing you had the chance to go indie (maybe it’s even you and your friends). Maybe you already broke away to do your own thing, but you are getting lonely… and realising that baked beans get a bit samey after a few months. We’ve been there… have you tried them with cheese?

Hopefully you enjoy freedom, but also need some support. Ideally you have industry experience, you actually like bringing existing games to new platforms, but want to create something fresh while you are at it.


Looks lovely, but gets dead cold in winter..



Sean doesn’t believe in producers, he thinks they are mythical creatures. Like platypuses. On iOS though, he realised he spent a lot of time doing a job that sounds an awful lot like production. Sometimes he did a schedule, sometimes he wrote support emails, sometimes he got an eighties tribute band to record them screaming “DANGER”, and one time he organised QA/localisation across 23 territories.

You would almost certainly be better at this than him. Maybe you have a year or twos experience and are so enthusiastic it hurts. Maybe you have lots of experience, and you are going to turn us into a proper company.

You are infinitely more organised than us, you enjoy spreadsheets, spinning plates, talking on the phone and helping facilitate people getting the highest quality games made.


Also doubles as an IKEA showroom..


Everyone else!

You can find our general jobs listing here. Don’t let the serious corporate speak you find there fool you though. Hello Games is actually a very small little group. We’re not super actively hiring and we can’t reply to every email as quick as we’d like. We do read every CV that’s sent to us though and if you are as good as we think you are, then we’ll definitely get in touch.


RIP Dreamcast, gone but never forgotten..


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Wow, what a crazy few days we’ve just had!

Joe Danger Touch is out now on iOS devices everywhere!

Also, Joe Danger Touch made it to #1 on the App Store! We couldn’t be more happy. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that people are playing and enjoying our game! And if that wasn’t enough, here are some of the incredible reviews we’ve been getting:



“Joe Danger Touch represents everything about mobile gaming at its best.”

Touch Arcade:


“I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about it, it’s a shining example of how to do games right on iOS.”

Digital Spy:


“one of the most fun games to download on iOS”



“Joe Danger Touch is easily my first big recommendation of 2013”

App Spy:


“An absolute must play for iPhone and iPad users alike.”


9/10 Gold Award

“a tense, unblinking, white-knuckle thrill”


App of the Day

“I love Joe Danger Touch.”


App of the Day

“constantly, thrillingly, teetering on that knife-edge between joy and disaster, success and failure”

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Joe Danger Touch is a brand new game that we’ve build from the ground up specifically with lovely touch controls in mind, and we’re rather excited about it. We’re particularly excited because it comes out at midnight tonight for all iOS devices!

Here’s a trailer we made!

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