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Sean MurrayLil_Sean

Hello! I’m the Managing Director here at Hello Games. I’m from Ireland originally but moved about a bit – including a few years in Australia growing up (apparently leaving me with a confused accent).

My gateway computer was an Amstrad CPC, but I was really an Amiga boy from pretty early on. I wrote my first game when I was about six years old (it was a text adventure and it was unsurprisingly terrible). I tend to fall for arcadey, pure games that I can play with friends – classics are definitely Micro Machines, Mario Kart, Super Monkey Ball and Excitebike (I have a theory that I’m the greatest Mario Kart Battle player who has ever lived – unproven).

My degree was straight Computer Science which generally frowned on anything games related. Becoming a game developer from there was definitely my dream job. I’ve worked bunch of places – before this I was a Tech Director at Kuju and worked lots of games including Burnout 3 and Black at Criterion as a Technical Lead.

Grant Duncan

LilGrantHello there, I’m Grant and I’m an artist here at Hello Games. When I am not wallowing in creative loneliness, I like to enjoy a good cup of tea.

Like most artists, I’ve been doodling forever. When I was about ten I held aspirations of becoming a Disney animator. I wrote to Rolf’s Cartoon Club asking how to go about it. They were very helpful. Turns out you need £2,000 for a rostrum camera – I am still saving up.

I cut my professional teeth working for Climax as a Character Artist, then had the immense pleasure of working with the talented guys at Sumo Digital. I got to work on Sega games! (Virtua Tennis 3 and Sega Superstars Tennis).

Starting up Hello Games with my chums has been NonStopJoy.

Ryan DoyleLilRyan

I’ve been into games for as long as I can remember – one of my earliest memories is playing Robotron 2084. I was amazed, it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I was in a science fiction film, a universe where anything was possible. I was hooked.

I eventually went to university to study Computer Science, and upon leaving I was lucky enough that Criterion must have been desperate for programmers as they furnished me with my first job in the games industry. I was elated – this was my dream! To be making games, to be able to provide other people with that fantastic feeling you get when you first boot up a new game and it (hopefully) pushes all the right buttons, makes you feel you’re no longer in the world you’re physically sat in but the one on the screen, the one in your head.

I had a fantastic time working on the Burnout series, before moving to Kuju for the opportunity to be Lead Programmer on Geometry Wars: Galaxies (I’d been a massive Geometry Wars fan previously). This was another great place to work, a fun atmosphere and fun games being made.

Hello Games was the next big step – to try something for ourselves. It’s been an exciting and educational journey, and hopefully we’ll produce games that will bring a smile to your face, or a laugh to your lips as that’s what games mean to me. Fun.

David Ream

LilDavidPeople often ask me – “Excuse me, are you David Ream, Creative Director of Hello Games?”

At this point I nod.

“I thought so! I would love to know a bit more about you.”

I am a polite guy, so I indulge them.

I normally start by telling them about how it all started with my Dad and his hacked Atari 2600. Piles of loose ROM chips with stickers on that said things like Frogger, Adventure, Kaboom and Defender.

We sigh together nostalgically.

I waffle on about old PC games I used to love for a bit, then move on to how I went to University to do Maths and Physics, then a Masters in Computer Science. With my smarts established I next talk about moving down to London to work for Climax as a bright-eyed graduate coder. I take them on a wild journey from there out to Kuju in the game development heartlands of Surrey, including development of some sort on every platform of the time and including personal fanboy favourites such as being able to help create a new Geometry Wars game.

If at this point their eyes have glazed over, I drop in casually that I am a keen musician, that I play the piano. That either gives them more useful insight into the David enigma or makes them think I am being a pretentious snot. Who cares? I have re-engaged them. I win!

I round it all off by saying how much I enjoy working in games, and how the opportunity to be part of a tight team made up of my mates was one that I could not possibly pass up.

They nod knowingly, smile and walk away thoroughly enlightened.

And the rest of the Hello Games team:

Aaron Andrews – @br0br0br0
Daniel Armesto
Gareth Bourn – @gjbourn
Will Braham
Iain Brown – @Iain_Brown
Simon Carter – @bbbscarter
Harry Denholm – @HarryDenholm
Jake Golding – @BaconJacob
Beau Lamb – @BeauLamb
Innes McKendrick – @InnesMcK
Levi Naess
Charlie Tangora – @ginsweater